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Canterbury Cantata

Dear Amici,


Important note for Amici members

re 13th December


Because there are so many other events being held on Saturday 13 th December I have changed the time of our performance  from 19.30 to 15.00. Venue remains the same, the very beautiful St Mary's Church, Chilham. This will mean that we will rehearse slightly earlier than planned but means that no one will have a clash, and none of your friends can suggest it is not possible to attend!


In addition as you are singing so wonderfully I am adding Vivaldi Gloria to the programme.  We have borrowed sets of copies from the library and we will begin rehearsing, reviving or recollecting Gloria on November 5.


Thus the details of the concert which will be on tickets and posters from the end of this week will be:


Amici Chorus and Orchestra


Saturday 13th December

St Mary's Church

Tickets £10

(Children free)


Vivaldi  Magnificat

Lauridsen  O Magnum Mysterium

Vivaldi Gloria

- Interval -

Bach   Magnificat


Best wishes



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Look Out! at Lees Cliff Hall Folkestone


Parkinson's Voices a new member of the Canterbury Cantata Trust.



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Loris recently sent Roshna this lovely piece on what singing means to her.We all love singing, but Loris (a returning singer) writes very movingly in her blog about her recent times with Cantata. You can click here to see the whole article from her blog.


Cara Amici,


Another splendid rehearsal last Wednesday 22 October. One week rest and then the pace quickens preparing for December concerts.



December 4 18.30


Vivaldi Magnificat



December 13 15.00

St Mary's Church Chilham

Vivaldi Magnificat,

Lauridsen O magnum Mysterium,

Vivaldi Gloria,

Bach Magnificat



Please note the change of time of the concert on the 13 th avoiding clashes with other events and ensuring EVERYONE is able to sing.


It is essential that you attend all rehearsals. This is a team effort..we are all in this together to make music together purely for the satisfaction of doing so, and on the way, we hope, giving  others pleasure who come to listen. Full attendance please and a liberal view taken to ensure you are able to get to your seat at Touring Glyndebourne etc!


Next rehearsal: November 5


Vivaldi Gloria. 17.30

Learn Bach Gloria Patri. 18.15

Revision Vivaldi Magnificat 19.00

Lauridsen O Magnum Mysterium 19.20


Look forward to seeing you all next week ... and thank you for giving such a warm welcome to Doreen Savin our newest but perhaps most experienced singer.



Dear Amici Members


I apologise to those of you who have not yet received the Bach and Vivaldi scores that you ordered. This is because I temporarily managed to lose some names while compiling a list for Maggie. We also had more new members turning up than expected, which was wonderful.


We have now run out of copies and I would ask those of you who have not yet got copies to purchase them direct from Crowthers in Canterbury. If you say that you are a member of Amici you will get the discount.


Kind a Regards



Please go to Membership Pages / Resources for details about the practice tracks that are available for this term's music.

Bach score for Omnes Omnes small

Score for Omnes Omnes